Paying Rent

Below you will  find information about where to bring your rent, how it is calculated and what to do if you’re falling behind.

How Are Payments Accepted?

Rental Payments can be made at any of our Northampton Housing Authority property offices made payable to: Northampton Housing Authority.

For a listing of properties please go to view our developments.  A drop box is located on all of our office doors.

Payment should be via Money Order or Check, Cash is not accepted.

We are in the process of looking into ACH/Direct Withdrawal from Checking Accounts and additional ways to pay without having to come to our offices or mail in payments. All residents will be notified when this is being brought to our board for feedback and implementation.

When Are Payments Due?

All payments are due on the first of the month. Payments are not considered late by Northampton Housing Authority until the 8th of the month. Late fees for state properties are $25 and are not assessed until the end of the month if rent is not paid in full.


There are no late fees charged at federal properties per federal regulation.

How Is Rent Calculated?

In family state public housing, rent is set at 32% of adjusted income (income after deductions and exclusions). In elderly/disabled state public housing, rent is set at 30% of adjusted income. In federal public housing, rent is set at 30% of adjusted income (or 10% of total income, if this is higher). Both state and federal public housing have certain exclusions and deductions that are used to determine the adjusted income, but the deductions are not the same for all programs.

There is also a “flat rent” option for federal public housing. Flat rents are as follows for 2019:

  McDonald House Florence Heights
1 BR $ 831 NA
2 BR $1,061 $1,061
3 BR NA $1,329
4 BR NA $1,521


Utility Allowances are provided to residents at Florence Heights. Residents who choose to pay the Flat Rent will not be required to have an annual re-certification of their incomes, but each year the Flat Rent may change. Residents may opt for the other rent calculation method at any time based on changing family circumstances.

Having Trouble Paying Your Rent?

Having trouble paying your rent? Request a payment agreement and conference by completing the attached form and bringing to our 49 Old South Street office.

Annual Rent Recertification

Rent Recertification is an annual review of your household income and composition and is used to determine what you will pay monthly for rent.

  • Savlo House – Begins in February and new rent is effective May
  • Tobin Manor and Hampshire Heights – Begins in March and new rent is effective July
  • McDonald and Florence Heights – Begins in July  and new rent is effective October
  • Cahill and Forsander – Begins in June and new rent is effective October


Residents at State Aided Public Housing will receive a minimum of 15 days notice of their new rent and Residents at Federal Aided Public Housing will receive a minimum of 20 days notice of their new rent.

If you don’t complete your annual recertification, Northampton Housing Authority can start an eviction process against you.

In order to begin the Rent Recertification process, Northampton Housing will send you a list of the information you should bring with you to your appointment. A sample listing is attached in English and Spanish.

Reporting a change to your Household Income / Composition

Changes should be reported to our office in writing by using the Change Form.

Residents can also complete an online form by clicking here.