Conferences & Additional Concerns

Talk to Us!

Our Public Housing Team is available to meet with residents who have concerns by appointment.

Conference Requests

When would I complete a Conference Request Form?

  • Rent Conference – Discuss your inability to pay rent and request a payment agreement. This could be following a 14 Day Notice to Quit letter you received from us or proactively/in advanced when you know you will be late.
  • Lease Termination Conference – This is when you’ve been served a violation/termination from our Public Housing Team and would like to discuss, dispute, and resolve the violation/termination.
  • Maintenance Repair Conference –  This is for when you’ve already put in a work order with our receptionist and the issue is still not resolved.
  • Application for Admissions Denial 
  • Transfer Application Denial
  • Disagreement with Rent Calculation 

Please complete the conference request form located at the bottom of this page and bring to our McDonald House Office at 49 Old South Street, Northampton, MA.

General Concerns

If your concern didn’t fit into the parameters for a conference request, you can still fill out a concern form.

The Northampton Housing Authority encourages all concerns to be put in writing and brought to our 49 Old South Street office. Having your concerns in writing, especially when they potentially involve concerns about neighbors, allows the housing authority to bring this documentation to court if needed to resolve your concern. All residents have the option to check they would like to remain anonymous in the discussion with their neighbor. It is important that you fill out the form with your information so that if clarification or additional details are needed, someone from our Public Housing Team can contact you.

Please complete the concern form located below and bring to our McDonald House Office at 49 Old South Street, Northampton, MA.

Forms can now be completed digitally by clicking here