Northampton Housing Authority No Visitor Order

Given that our residents are some of the most “at risk,” during this pandemic, Northampton Housing Authority has determined that it has become necessary to take some drastic measures to try and protect all of our residents.   

It is not a stretch to compare our buildings density to nursing homes or cruise ships, where there are many occupants close together. 

We continue seeing many residents and visitors failing to follow Health Department guidance and Governors advisories. Many visitors and residents alike are going along as though things are “normal”. 

We feel at this time that it is crucial for the well-being of our communities and residents to restrict visitors. 

The official order is as follows:

ATTENTION ALL – April 16, 2020

Please be aware that the CDC and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health are warning of a surge in positive COVID-19 patients in the coming weeks. Massachusetts is already experiencing a drastic increase in the amount of residents testing positive for COVID-19.

Northampton Housing Authority, like some other housing authorities in the commonwealth, is implementing procedures to restrict visitation as necessary to protect the health of the residents and staff.

Effective 12:01 A.M. on Friday. April 17th 2020,  will be allowed to enter any Housing Authority property.

This does not apply to home health aides, visiting nurses, public safety personnel or other essential medical services granted that they have credentials and are wearing masks and gloves.

Residents can arrange with their visitor(s) to meet outside of the building for delivery of food, water, medicine and other items essential to a resident’s well-being. Residents and visitor(s) must wear masks and gloves when meeting.  

This shall remain in effect until further notice is provided by the Governors that the Public Health Emergency no longer exists and we are no longer under a State of Emergency.

An abundance of positive Covid-19 cases in any one building could possibly result in a quarantine of the entire building. As a resident it is vital that you act responsibly to avoid getting sick or making others sick.

You are hereby instructed to follow the visitor restrictions as listed above, and instructed to stay in your unit in accordance with the governor’s Stay-At-Home Advisory, unless you need to leave to acquire essential services. Unfortunately, this includes no gardening all our Northampton Housing Authority properties.  If you must leave your unit, wear a mask and gloves if possible.

Practice social distancing. Your well-being and the well-being of those around you depend on this!

Cara Leiper – Executive Director